eDonkey Files Manager is a database application that enables a user to catalog any file that can be found on the eDonkey network. Furthermore, it can automatically extract relevant information from the eDonkey link as well as retrieve information for a movie file from IMDB.com if the URL is provided by end-users. Additional features include download progress and storage status, as well as submit file to MLDonkey for download.


2004-02-14 New Realease: eDonkeyFilesManager v0.2
Finally, efm_0.2 is out. The program has undergone a complete rewrite and design using wxWindows library. So, it is now a cross-plateform application.
The database of this version is not backward compatible since I remove so useless features from version 0.1.

New Features include:

  • Able to display images.
  • Download button supports aMule and MLDonkey.
To download, go here.

efm_Win32_0.2.zip : For MS Windows
efm_GTK_0.2.tar.bz2 : For Linux
efm_Dev_0.2.tar.bz2 : Source code

2003-10-13 First realease: eDonkeyFilesManager v0.1
For the moments all basic functions are working. Nothing fancy.

Features include:

  • Cataloging movie, software and music files.
  • Multiples collections databases.
  • Automatic retrieval of movie informations from IMDB.com.
  • Submit file to download is only supported for MLDonkey users.
Note: The current version cannot load pictures. However, if the exact link of the movie from imdb.com is entered, it will download the movie poster from imdb.com and save it in the Posters directory. First of all, this saves you the time of having to search for the movie poster yourself. Furthermore, it ensures that the application only needs to connect to IMDB.com once. This will reduce the traffic load of IMDB.com. A later version will display the poster of each file.