User Manual

User Manual

How to add new entries into your database?

You can either copy and paste the eDonkey link into area 1 or fill in all the information manually and then click on add button. If you copy and paste, you have to press enter(in area 1) so that all informations extracted from the link will be transferred into area 2.
In all cases, the MD4 harsh of the file has to be filled in correctly. Otherwise, it will not add the new entry into your database.


Done defines the completeness of your download file.


Storing defines the way you store your downloaded file.
In order to use this option, the Done combo box has to have Yes option selected. Obviously, you have to finish download the file before storing it.

Automatic informations retrieval from

This option only works for movie files.
Enter the URL of the movie into the IMDB entry text field and press enter. It will retrieve informations and transfer it into the corresponding entries text fields.


To change the picture, double click on the WHITE area of area 3 and choose the picture file name.

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